Principle Investigator

Yongtao Cui

Cui is pronounced as  /ˈtsw/


Assistant Professor in Physics and MSE (courtesy)

Office: MSE 242

Phone: 951-827-5395

yongtao.cui at

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Assistant professor at UC Riverside, 2016

Postdoc with Prof. Zhi-Xun Shen at Stanford University, 2011-2016

PhD in Applied Physics with Prof. Dan Ralph at Cornell University, 2011

BS in Physics at Peking University, 2005

Graduate Students

Mina Rashetnia


Email: mrash004 at

Office: MSE 224

B.S. in Physics, Univ. of Tehran

Hometown : Tehran, Iran

Brian Francisco


Email: brian.a.francisco at gmail

Office: MSE 224

B.S. in Physics, Rutgers Univ.

Hometown: Washington, NJ

Xiong Huang


Email: xhuan103 at

Office: MSE 224

B.S. in Physics, Nankai Univ.

Qiran Wu


Email: qwu058 at

B.S. in Physics, USTC.

Undergraduate Students

Thinh Truong

UCR Physics Class of 2020


Ben Niu

Former visiting graduate student from Nanjing University, 2017-2019. Currently at Nanjing University.

Yadong Xu

Former postdoc, 2018-2019. Currently at Intel.

Yanmeng Shi

Former postdoc, 2017. Currently postdoc scholar at Univ. of Manchester.

Kyle Perez

Former undergraduate at UCR Class of 2019. Currently graduate student in Physics at Rice.

Liang Xu

Former undergraduate at UCR Class of 2018. Currently graduate student in Applied Physics at Stanford.

Harutiun Chinkezian

Former MacREU student from CSU Northridge, 2017. Currently graduate student in MSE at UCR.